About us

The vision and the mission of Jaffar Public School is not only to impart education of the highest standard and quality but also to inculcate and develop values that will create well-rounded and model thinker and citizens to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The approach of the school is student-centred and our focus is to provide students with a safe and caring environment to learn, excel and grow. The school is spread out in three branches next to each other in PECHS Block 6

Jaffar Public School offers education from Nursery to O-levels.

We value the culture of unity, faith and discipline. We want our students to cultivate respect for each other and develop high moral values to meet the challenges of the real world which we attempt to engrain in students’ personalities through practice.

Unity in teamwork strengthens and empowers.

Faith in our belief enlightens and motivates.

Discipline in organisation, infused with compassion, focus and dedication leads to success and independence.


Jaffar Public School are discovering that some young children need help in responding to the school environment. Our thoughts about what “comes naturally” to children are undergoing revision. More than anything else, these encounters provide an opportunity for people to transform their lives by liberating their energy and abilities.


“Our aim is to promote respect, moral values and the love for learning to light the candles of knowledge through the passage of time.”


Jaffar Public School aspires to provide its students the best academic and co-curricular facilities for development of strong, confident and athletic character. The school offers an international standard sports facility in the school’s premises for the students’ holistic growth. It is an established fact the physical exercise helps to sharpen minds, quicken reflexes and increase the stamina of our mind and body.

The physical and emotional satisfaction gained from sports encourages competitive spirit amongst the students and improves their focus on school work and their attitude in their classrooms as well. Coaching for table tennis, cricket, football, futsal, basketball, badminton, throw ball, athletics and running track is provided to the students. These facilities cater to all students and range depending on their interests and skill sets. A variety of structured indoor games such as Scrabble are also inclusive in our sports curriculum. The school takes pride in producing many rising stars in the game including the National and International Scrabble champion who are part of the JPS student community.


The school focuses on the holistic development of the students where scholastic and co-curricular aspects are given equal significance. Keeping this view in mind, the school has After School Clubs.  This not only helps in fostering the student’s inherent talents, but also provide a platform for confidence building, communication, entrepreneurial skills, collaboration and the ability to work as a team. Following is the list of clubs that students will be asked to choose from in order of preference. The clubs are  held every Wednesday for the Junior Section and every Thursday for the Senior Section. Some of the

Clubs are:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sports
  • Robotics 
  • Advance Robotics
  • Scouts
  • Archery
  • First aid
  • Taekwondo 
  • Scrabble 
  • Entrepreneurship 


Staff Development and Teacher Training

Through teacher training and development programme, the school ensures all teachers are exposed to all possible and available training and refresher courses in pedagogy, planning and execution of academic related activities, productive communication and motivating interaction with students, class management and many more areas to produce enriched outcomes. At Jaffar Public School training and development of teachers is a tradition. The teaching staff is provided opportunities to avail various professional trainings conducted in house and by institutions such as Cambridge University and the British Council for constant evolution and improving teachers competence. This  facilitates learning not only for their own professional growth but also equips them with modern pedagogical strategies for our students.


The purpose is to provide students with best reading opportunities, resources that promote confidence, elocution skills, the art of speaking, cultural enrichment and lifelong learning.


To facilitate optimal physical and mental growth of students, trained nurse from Agha Khan Hospital is there to provide the students, the best and immediate healthcare with latest equipment that includes oxygen cylinder, stretcher, wheel chair, oxygen saturation machine, mercurial sphygmomanometer to ensure effective healthcare. A qualified and certified wellness councilor is also there to look after the emotional and social wellbeing of the students.

With a fully equipped computer lab, the students have an access to the technologically advanced education to explore, create, connect and build digital literacy.


Well equipped labs to ensure quality learning with experiments. It allows students to explore chemical concepts, view changes in matter and acquire scientific skills in an atmosphere that is conducive to experimental approach.



Well-equipped labs for the students to evaluate the process and outcomes of experiments quantitatively and qualitatively to extend the scope of investigation and analytical thinking amongst students


A wide variety of activities involving fundamental drawing, painting, clay sculpting, sketching and many creative crafts are done in school.


Fully equipped with audio visual facilities, the huge auditorium is constructed to provide the students with proper space where educational activities like debates, speeches, quizzes, open mic, elocutions and competitions are held regularly and are an inclusive part of teachers planning to ensure optimal learning opportunities for students.


Singing tunes, participating in musical games, choirs and learning about the origins of different types of music is part of our co-curricular academic plan. Plays and musical concerts are held to develop student’s vocal talent and foster love for performing arts amongst students.