Jaffar Public School imparts education and places great importance in developing the character and moral value of our students. It is a teaching approach that focuses on merit, practicality, virtue and ethics. Activity based teaching is the most effective system of pedagogy. The umbrella of activity-based learning canopies both group and individual work and includes both curricular and co-curriculars with proportionate importance. The academic flank includes presentations, projects, research, excursions, observations, experiments, and robotics involving all students, training them for academic excellence. The co-curriculars, embracing inter-school contests for elocution, declamation, debate and Scrabble opens students minds and promotes competitive skills while extra-curriculars such as open days, bake sale, charity drives (to promote compassion) etc. develop a sense of responsibility, compassion, discipline, organization, leadership qualities, team spirit, and confidence amongst all students. They also play a vital role in unleashing students’ potential, creativity and innovative capabilities. Open mics are regular events at all the branches.


I welcome you all to an outstanding community where everyone is dedicated to a high standard of excellence. Marching ahead with strong principles to dispel the best education, discipline and moral values. We unfurl the flag of education and mentorship with dignity and pride. We realise that our younger generation requires information of the current era with proper guidance, and to do so, the school updates itself with the latest teaching pedagogies and technical skills to nurture warm, patriotic and empathetic souls who are ready to rise to society.


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