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Staff Development

Staff Development

Through teacher training and development programme, the school ensures all teachers are exposed to all possible and available training and refresher courses in pedagogy, planning and execution of academic related activities, productive communication and motivating interaction with students, class management and many more areas to produce enhanced and enriched outcomes.

At Jaffar Public School training and development of teachers is a tradition. The teaching staff is provided opportunities to avail various professional trainings conducted by Cambridge University, British Council, national and international institutions along with in house teacher development programmes.


JPS believes, a healthy body becomes a healthy mind. The School aspires to provide its students the best academic and extra-curricular facilities for development of strong, confident and athletic character. Recently, the management has built an international standard professional multi-sports facility in the school’s premises for the pupils’ holistic growth.

Professional coaching for cricket, football, futsal, basketball, badminton, throw ball, athletics along with a running track is provided to the students. Table tennis facilities are also provided to the students. Trained coaches work on skill enhancement and stamina development. This multi-sport facility is well maintained and always occupied. It is a students’ delight indeed.

Sports Days are fun filled where students get an opportunity to develop self-esteem, discipline, respect, confidence and compete with sportsman spirit through active participation. The students perform and take part in Taekwondo, P.E display and track events.


This Society was formed a few years ago at the junior section and now it is across the three branches, to motivate the students to get closer to nature and inculcate an environment friendly mindset alongwith encouraging them to take up gardening as a hobby to make their home and their environment green, healthy and beautiful. It helps to keep them relaxed, and their mind busy with positive thoughts. They learn the various gardening techniques and gain knowledge about different species of plants and flowers. . We encourage use of recycled material to grow plants. We want them to spread awareness about gardening and its benefits among their family and neigbhourhood.


Jaffar School highly emphasizes development of reading skills among students. Various activities are carried out by the Librarians in both library and the audio visual room to arouse students’ interest and to aid enhancement of various communication skills.  It not only results in acquring knowledge, but also widens the horizons of inquiry and enhances the spectrum of language skills, deepening from basic hues to densities of blending in creativity and uniqueness.