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The school adopts a Student Development Programme designed to empower students with a holistic, rigorous and international education for success in an ever changing world.

Activity based teaching is the most effective system of pedagogy. The umbrella of activity based learning covers both group and individual work and encompasses both curricular and co-curriculars with proportionate importance. The academic flank includes presentations, projects, research, excursions, observations, experiments, and robotics involving all students, training them for academic excellence; the co-curriculars embracing inter-school contests for elocution, declamation, debate and Scrabble open students minds and promote competitive skills; the extra-curricular such as open days, bake sale, charity drives (to promote compassion) etc. develop a sense of responsibility, discipline, organizational skills, leadership qualities, team spirit, time management and boost confidence among the students of all levels. They also play a vital role in unleashing students’ potential, creativity and innovative capabilities. Open Mike is a regular event at all the branches in which students speak their heart out in front of the whole school assembly.

Physical Education

Sports Days are fun filled where students get an opportunity to develop self-esteem, discipline, respect, confidence and compete with sportsman spirit through active participation. The students perform and take part in Taekwondo, P.E display and track events. Winners are awarded with medals and the winning House takes away the trophy.

These gamut of activities help in our aim to nurture the child as an individual so that he/she develops into a healthy well adjusted, happy and confident being with leadership ability, sound moral values, charitable spirit, better communicative skills, optimistic approach towards their surroundings and patience in every domain of life.

Art and Craft

Children Develop Life Skills through Art Activities

Art may seem like fun and games and it is! But you may not realize that a child is actually learning a lot through exploring the arts and doing art activities. Children will gain useful life skills through art, so encourage them to get creative. Art goes beyond verbal language to communicate feelings that might not otherwise be expressed. When children explore art ideas, they are testing possibilities and working through challenges. Art allows them to make their own assessments; helps them to come to terms with themselves and channelize their energies into productive, fulfilling outcomes. Art leads them through the portals of self-realization to discover their talents and move towards creativity, freethinking, inner discipline and maturity that comes with the contentment of successes achieved. It is the process of exploring, discovering, experimenting and creating that has the greatest value.

The Green Scene Society at JPS Junior

The Green Scene Society was formed a few years ago at the junior section for class VI. This is to motivate the students to get closer to nature and inculcate an environment friendly mindset. We motivate our students to take up gardening as a hobby to make their home and their environment green, healthy and beautiful. It helps to keep them relaxed, and their mind busy with positive thoughts. They learn the various gardening techniques and gain knowledge about different species of plants and flowers. . We encourage use of recycled material to grow plants. We want them to spread awareness about gardening and its benefits among their family members, neighbours and friends. At the end of the session, the school gives certificates to students of Class VI for their participation and hard work.

Library: Vital part of Jaffar Public School

In the process of learning, reading plays the most essential role. It is the basic tool to get a firm grip on any language. It not only results in acquiring knowledge, but also widens the horizons of inquiry and enhances the spectrum of language skills, deepening from basic hues to densities of blending in creativity and uniqueness. Jaffar School highly emphasizes development of reading skills among students. Various activities are carried out by the Librarians to arouse students’ interest and to aid enhancement of allied skills, as laid out below.

Book Weeks are organized to give incentive to students to read more books to obtain the ‘Avid Reader” certificates or badges through which they gain extra points for their term total in Reading.

Open Discussion Forums are arranged in the Library to encourage students to read intelligently and not just limit themselves to sight reading. The forum creates an environment of interacting intellectually to analyse the book through expression of opinion, suggestions, explanations — which may require use of new vocabulary learnt — or pointing out an aspect missed by most, leading to a more mature and holistic cognition of the content. It takes students to a higher level of mind.

Oral Reviews is a constant feature which polishes students’ recounting and narration skills, while Written Reviews lead them to enhancing their vocabulary and of course expressive, analytical writing skills.

The story Come Alive is an activity that is most enjoyed by students of all levels. Stepping into the shoes of a character that appeals and living his life, speaking his /her words, all bring them close to literature, the drama in it and thus closer to the intricacies of life and human emotions. Puppet shows on the same theme or characters are performed by the teachers periodically.

Books then become more than just so many words, therefore desirable and reading a favourite pastime.
Story Telling arouses curiosity, excitement and the wonder of entering into the realms of imagination. Students, be they of Kindergarten, Junior or Senior levels, all are noted to become mesmerized by the sessions.

The International Book Week is a festive time in Jaffar Public School. There are many fun things to do for students. The Kindergarten teachers get involved with story enactment, children become authors, writing their own stories and feel the pride of it being read and appreciated by their teachers, friends and parents. At the Junior Section, students do age appropriate activities, viz. make cover page of their favourite story book, compile a booklet of summaries of favourite books, present a Character Parade or a Meet and Know the Author Event. Seniors also participate in various activities of story telling, bookmark making (with an interesting quotation about books or reading etc.certain Weeks end with the students donating story books they have finished reading to a collection to be donated to The Citizens Foundation Schools for the underprivileged children they cater to.