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About Us

The  vision  and  the  mission  of  Jaffar  Public  School  is  not  just to  impart  education  of  the  highest standard and quality but to inculcate and develop qualities that will make the students all-rounders  and  model  citizens. The approach of the school is student centered and the focus is to provide students with a safe and caring environment to learn, excel and grow, it started its journey  from a small premise, five students and a handful of carefully picked teachers avowedly dedicated      to the task envisioned. Today the school is spread out in three branches located in three separate premises, adapted to the needs of modern educational system.

Jaffar Public School offers education from Nursery to O-levels housed in three campuses (Kindergarten, Junior and Senior campuses) located in P.E.C.H.S, Block 6.)


Our aim is to promote respect, moral values and the love for learning to light the candles of knowledge through the passage of time.


We value the culture of unity, faith and discipline. We want our students to cultivate the culture of respect for each other and develop high moral values to meet the challenges of the real world. The moral values through practice are ingrained in the personalities of the student.

Unity in teamwork strengthens and empowers.

Faith in our belief enlightens and motivates.

Discipline in organization, infused with compassion, focus and dedication leads to success.